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Announcing Invictus!

Introducing the new live action roleplaying game; Invictus!

Welcome to a world of Roman themes and ancient magic. A game of heroic fantasy, Invictus will run from 2013 through 2015 and tell the story of three of the most significant years in history. Players will portray characters from the diverse provinces of Illara, the greatest empire the world has ever seen, and come together to fight against the many faces of evil and corruption. They will be soldiers and sorcerors, merchants and mercenaries, patricians and plebians. They will come from rugged mountains and shining cities, shifting dunes and sapphire waters. In the eastern empire they will create a new future with hard choices and bold action while danger and intrigue lurk at every corner.

Come join us make the world come alive!

Mickey Golosovker and Whitestone Games

For more information, including campsite and 2013 event dates, please visit www.invictuslarp.com

Sign up for our mailing list at http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/InvictusLarp/ and our LJ community at http://invictus-larp.livejournal.com/