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Larpcast 12: Stories 1

In this episode we take a bit of a break and tell some stories of years past. Hope you enjoy them!

-Mickey and Bill

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  • Jeremyreel

    The Air Squids were a hilarious break from the high intensity invasion force deathknight incursion that we had just fought off.

    Jul 18, 2011 at 9:16 am
  • larpcast

    With any luck a staffer from VA named George will drop in and tell the story of the undersea adventure with the giant squid prop sometime. Or I’ll have to remember to tell it next time we do a stories episode.


    Jul 18, 2011 at 9:19 am
  • Jeremyreel

    I would pay money to see Bill run around making Squid noises again.

    Jul 18, 2011 at 2:18 pm
  • Bill

    I’m not above selling out. Maybe if I get enough donations I’ll turn it into a year long plot…

    Jul 18, 2011 at 2:20 pm
  • George

    Since I was asked so nicely I will say a few words about that mod. It was the centerpiece repeater for a NERO event that involved an undead plot. The PC’s had discovered that the undead that attacked the town every night had there base of operation inside the hulls of several sunken ships they lay on the bottom of the town harbor. They devised a plan where they would use and air elemental to create a breathable bubble underwater, and they would send down a series of smallish groups to the bottom of the harbor to attack each of these sunken ship lairs.

    Mechanically speaking the mods were repeaters. We explained that each group could have only around 10 people in it because the air elemental could only create so big of an air bubble. The mod began on shore, which was represented by one side of a large and long field. One NPC played the part of the air elemental. The PC’s had to stay within a certain radius of that NPC or they would start to drown, and this was represented by the air elemental NPC calling out damage to that person.

    Tying the PC’s to the air elemental allowed us to move the PC’s across the field at our pace, and to direct them where we wanted them to go. Crossing the field represented their journey across the floor of the harbor. Throughout the trip the PC’s were attacked by various underwater creatures and monsters. There were sharks and giant sea snakes and a particularly belligerent giant squid. Once they reached the far side of the field there was a pavilion which represented one of the sunken ships. At that point the air elemental would fill the ship with air and things turned into a more typical mod and the PC’s would just assault the ship and fight a bunch of undead.

    The underwater portion of the fight was mostly an excuse for me to try out of bunch of underwater themed monsters and costumes and props. For the sharks I created foam dorsal fins for the NPS’s to wear. The sea snakes were pool noodles covered in faux snake skin vinyl sleeves that the NPC’s carried around in their hands and poked at the PC’s like spears. The squid was a two person prop. The main body of the squid was a 3′ tall stuffed doll that I sewed. It had 9 trailing tentacle arms. A polearm rep was slid up a sleeve in the back which allowed one person to hold it up. A second person used two long pool noodles mounted on pvc to represent the two attacking arm tentacles.

    The mod was fairly well received. Some of the mechanics and monsters didn’t quite work the way I had hoped but the mod had considerable novelty factor which many of the PC’s enjoyed. The squid in particular seemed to be a favorite.

    One of the people who went on that mod also ran plot for another chapter. She was trying to come up with an idea for some kind of underwater mod herself to use with one of her plots. Long story short several months later I was two states away using these same props at another NERO chapter running a modified version of the same mod.


    Jul 18, 2011 at 2:47 pm
  • Dan C.

    Thanks for the shout out Mickey! It was cool to remember all those plotlines.. Wes and I had a lot of fun with that stilt costume too. I think Gombos said it best, “The point of this plotline is to tap into people’s primal fear of things that are bigger than them.” Unfortunately that costume was destroyed by hurricane Valenti during our exit from that campsite. :(

    In the Ulo Mahdin plotline you referenced, I was playing the “limping old man”, because my knee had been badly injured in a hilarious board game incident. (true story) I have six Jungian characters I re-use in nearly all my plotlines: the hero, the beast, the wanderer, the storyteller/wiseman, the trickster, and the watcher. The old man that met you on the path at the end of the world was the Watcher — he’s essentially the audience to your story. I suggested things that, if the Ulo Mahdin plotline were a movie or comic book, the audience would already know but the characters in the story might not. For one, Telaris is very lonely. And for two, despite Ulo Mahdin’s inevitable triumph, the story has hopeful parts too - I showed you an image of you carrying a baby with an hour-glass shaped birthmark.

    Who was the old man with the cane? and Whose baby was it? These were questions that Justin and I wanted to leave unanswered - we wanted our story to remain somewhat ineffable, mysterious, mythological. We hoped it would be much more engaging than resolving everything neatly. We wanted to give you a mystical experience you couldn’t fully communicate to others. It turns the plot inwards, making it less about your actions and more about your internal experience of the world. Obviously not everybody appreciates that kind of story, but I’m glad it hit you the right way.

    Jul 18, 2011 at 4:08 pm
  • Stephen L.

    Hmm… I’m curious as to why Joe would destroy a costume? ~blink~

    Also, to note, Pat and I tried a variation of the “bottomless pit” last year. It had a sign that said “Danger, bottomless pit”.

    It killed about 3 PCs and 1 NPC. And spawned the phrase “I once dropped a man in Syrnix, just to watch him fall.”

    Jul 19, 2011 at 12:18 pm
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    Dec 30, 2011 at 2:53 am