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An episode about OOG money providing IG benefits.


- Mickey and Bill

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  • Durl ShellShield

    So disappointed! I saw the title and I thought you were going to go over ways to make more money off my players. Sweatshop modules in game (Make 20 leather pouches or the noble lady gets obliterated) Registration fees at certain level tiers (Congrats on level 15! that’ll be $25 dollars for the mandatory review and addition to the fancy ‘Name level recognition website’). ah well, maybe that can be saved for a later podcast.

    An interesting side note, once of the biggest issues in Alliance currently are ‘LCO’ Magic items because they travel so much, and the argument I receive as an owner goes like this. ‘Most of those go to my staffers, which donate amazingly and can’t play locally, so I’d really like it for them to be able to use these rewards in your game and of course vise-versa.’ It’s an incredible strong headwind to work against at times because you have on one hand staffers, which are long term, active players usually, that want to come to your game but might feel disrespected, plus internal pressure/desire to do something similar for your staff people. (I abuse mine like you wouldn’t believe so you gotta balance it somehow…)

    Looking forward to Catching Mr.V on your podcast, he’s a bit out of touch with the game since he doesn’t actively play, but he’s a very good guy and we agree, at least in theory, on the vast majority of game play issues.

    Jan 9, 2012 at 12:36 pm