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Larpcast 3: 9th Edition

This extra episode is a little different from the previous two and focuses on the history and process behind the scenes of producing 9th Edition for NERO. We recorded it as a bonus episode on top of our planned biweekly schedule and hope it is illuminating and entertaining to listen to.

Two extra notes from Mickey: 1) I don't think I make it clear enough in the podcast how much time, effort, and support Dave Epstein put into the process. He was with me from close to the start and while we had our disgreements about rules changes we were, and remain, good friends and I would not have wanted to go through this without him. Thank you Dave.

2) I want to, at least personally, dedicate this episode to my wife Alison. She has been a constant support and comfort during the past 2+ years of dealing with 9th Edition and put up with me and Dave taking over the living room for whole weekends without complaint. She had to deal with watching me go through all this and I am so thankful I have her to lean on. Thank you, Alison, I love you.

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