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In this episode we talk about the unfolding story of the NERO membership fees and the Ohio chapters' response to it. Unedited and unplanned, we discuss the brewing conflict and where it stems from and what might happen in the future. This is an extra episode outside of our usual structure and we should have another regular episode up soon as well. Enjoy this podcast equivalent of a late breaking news story! Also, we might be a bit tipsy.


WAR forums: http://www.beash.com/

NERO National forums (You may need an account to view): http://nerolarp.com/forum/

NorthCoastNERO forums: http://www.northcoastnero.com/bbs/

NERO Cincinnati forums: http://www.nerocincinnati.com/messages/ 

NERO Cincinnati's announcement: http://www.nerocincinnati.com/messages/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=290

A contract from 2006: http://jcollins316.livejournal.com/4876.html#cutid1

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